Online scratch cards: what&#8217s new in 2022

I Scratch and Win Online have now become very popular: more and more Italians prefer to try their luck by participating in these virtual games. Rather than scratching classic paper tickets purchased at the ticket office. It is also necessary to consider that the online Scratchcard range is constantly being enriched with new interfaces. That make the gaming experience always different and more compelling.

In this regard, it is worth going to find out what are the new online Scratch Cards launched in 2022: those recently released, which are winning over fans of the genre.

# Triple Platinum

Of all the game interfaces, Triple Platinum is the most innovative: it was officially approved by the Customs and Monopolies Agency recently. And indeed has been available for web and mobile platforms since July 18, 2022. The cost of the virtual ticket is €5, and the game mechanics are intuitive at best.

In Triple Platinum you will find 20 gems to be unveiled, beneath which lie various prizes. To win, it is necessary to find the platinum ingot, in which case you get the corresponding prize, shown in the same box. If 2 platinum bars are found, the payout doubles while with 3 symbols it is multiplied X3. That’s not all, however, because Triple Platinum also provides the Rings Bonus, which is activated only if at least 3 rings are found under the gems.

In that case, a additional game that resembles the slot machine: you spin 3 wheels with the goal of getting a number of symbols X equal to the number of rings found under the gems.

# The Phoenix

Another newcomer to the online Scratch Card family is The Phoenix: the first among those belonging to the My Flexy range and a decidedly original. The particularity of this Scratch Card lies in the fact that the player has the choice of purchasing the basic interface or additional interfaces with extra features than the standard one. The cost of the play varies precisely according to this, as do the prizes up for grabs.

# Speed Cash Line PLUS

Among the newcomers within the PLUS lineup, however, we find Speed Cash, available online from May 26, 2022. The cost of the play is €5 and the mechanics are quite simple because they are quite similar to the traditional ones. After revealing the hidden figures in the YOUR NUMBERS section, in fact, all that remains is to check if these are also present in the WINNING NUMBERS section.

There is no shortage of multipliers, which allow you to win bigger prizes, and there is also the possibility of making an extra attempt thanks to the PLUS Line.

# Lucky charms 2€ PLUS line

As for the new €2 online Scratch Cards, we recall the Portafortuna 2€ Linea PLUS, which has a traditional game mechanic but is based on symbols instead of numbers.