1Mobile, offers continue from €4.90

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After putting on the side the’latest 60 Plus Xmas Edition orchestrated on the occasion of the Christmas season, 1Mobile decided to continue to offer most of their tariff offers that have already been available for quite some time. L’virtual operator – which can boast a network coverage on a Vodafone basis (albeit with download speeds up to 60 Mbps) – indeed, it offers a wide range of promotions starting from 4.90 euros per month and up to the ceiling limit of 9.90 euros every thirty days, more or less articulated and variously devised depending on the type of use and needs of the various consumers.

New and existing customers of the operator will therefore be able to subscribe again in this part of 2019 to the now popular 1Mobile Special Plus, enhanced by the presence of unlimited minutes of calls to landlines and mobiles and well 50 gigs of 4G Internet surfing at price of 9.90 euros per month. The monthly cost – characterized moreover by activation fees (5 euros instead of 8 euros for new users who join the promotion by Jan. 31, 2019, while existing customers will have to bear 15 euros) – is perhaps not among the most competitive, but to counterbalance this there&#8217s nevertheless a remarkable initiative developed by the virtual operator: where the consumer, after three months from activation, continues to remain loyal to 1Mobile, he or she can benefit free of charge from an additional 5 gigs per month (for a total then of 55 gigs in 4G) and 50 SMS for traffic made only in Italy.

1Mobile Power Plus is, on the other hand, the virtual operator&#8217s intermediate offer. Featuring a list price of 7.90 euros per month, the promotion includes 1.000 minutes of calls to everyone and 28 gigs in 4G every 30 days. Again there is an initiative aimed at building user loyalty, when from the third renewal the consumer will be able to benefiting from an additional 5 gigs for free (for a total then of 33 gigs per month) and 30 SMS.

To be added is a one-time activation cost of 7 euros for new customers who switch to 1Mobile by Jan. 31, while for existing customers the charge will be 15 euros.

Also to follow is the 1Mobile Large Plus at €6.90 per month, consisting of 1.000 minutes of calls to all and 18 gigs of 4G data traffic, ready to be embellished here as well by 5 additional gigs starting from the third renewal. The activation cost to be incurred is 7 euros.

Finally, the’cheapest offer, viz 1Mobile Word at 4.90 euros per month. Consumers, after a one-time disbursement of a €5 activation fee until Jan. 31, 2019, will benefit from 300 minutes of calls e 3 gigs of 4G internet browsing. From the third consecutive renewal a welcome reward for the loyal user will also be triggered: 1 extra gig and 20 text messages per month.