WhatsApp: dark theme officially available on iOS and Android

The wait has been a long one, interspersed with a long period of beta testing, but it is finally available to everyone.

We are obviously talking about the much-requested dark theme for the WhatsApp messaging app’s. This time we are really talking about an official version, which will obviously benefit all those smartphones equipped with a display AMOLED, going to change the color palette in each section of the UI, with shades tending toward black.

Another extremely positive note is that the upgrade to the dark theme can be downloaded on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

In designing the dark mode, we focused our research and testing on two aspects in particular. Readability: in the choice of colors, we wanted to minimize eye strain, and use colors closer to the system default settings on iPhone and Android, respectively. The hierarchy of information: we want to help users easily focus their attention on each screen. Therefore, we used color and other design elements to make the most important information stand out

If you are interested in getting your hands on the’update that implements the dark theme, simply download the new APK made available on WhatsApp&#8217s official website, which brings the build to version 2.20.65.