Amazon Prime Day 2020: how it works?

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 l’Amazon Prime Day 2020 (normally expected in the summer) has been postponed to the Oct. 13 and 14. This is an event that encapsulates two very important days for the community, especially for those looking for tech deals at a cheaper price. After the official confirmation arrived only a few days ago, it&#8217s time to brush up on the subject, explain to newbies what exactly Amazon Prime Day is all about and how get the maximum benefit During forty-eight hours of fire.

Before explaining how to follow and take advantage of all the Amazon Prime Day offers, it is especially necessary to explain what Amazon Prime is all about, since the offers are precisely restricted to Prime customers only.

Amazon Prime is a paid service offered by Amazon, which allows customers to be able to take advantage of the ability to receive their purchased products in a restricted delivery time, as well as other services, by signing up for a monthly or annual subscription. This subscription has a cost of 36€ annual, while the cost drops to 18€ annual If you sign up with an institutional university email. So, as well as other providers (Spotify, Microsoft Office etc.), offers concessions for college students. In general, the cost is set at 3.99€ per month.

As of January 2020, Prime users have reached well over 150 million, also accomplice to the pandemic that caused a general and widespread lock down of so-called traditional stores, leaving as the only alternative to shopping e-commerce services of which Amazon is the undisputed leader.

The Prime subscription offers numerous benefits, listed below but also available on the official page:

    : a video streaming service that offers numerous movies, documentaries, animated series and TV series also exclusively. A worthy rival to Netflix that stands as one of the best services if you look from a value-for-money perspective.
  • Unlimited one-day deliveries: Amazon Prime was actually created as a method of streamlining shipping time. These are available at no additional cost on 2 million products and in 2-3 days on many millions more. Moreover, these are free regardless, even if the amount of €29 required instead by non-Prime users is not reached.
  • Amazon Photos: unlimited and intuitive photo storage space, suitable for everyone.
  • Early Access to Offerings: lightning deals always at your fingertips and with the security of having the right to take advantage of them first.
  • Prime Now: active only in Rome, Turin, Milan and surrounding areas; is the 2-hour time window delivery service.
  • Twitch Prime (or Amazon Gaming): the flagship of the subscription, used by the vast majority of gaming enthusiasts’users. It consists of the ability to have, free of charge each month, a’free membership to a Twitch channel of your choice in addition to the availability of a constantly updated library with games that you can redeem each month.
  • Amazon Family: 15% discount on diapers and baby products.
  • Amazon Music: lite version of Amazon Music Unlimited, offers a smaller variety of songs.
  • Prime Reading: as above, lite version of Amazon Kindle Unlimited, with a catalog of great classics and timeless novels available.

For those interested, we remind you that Amazon offers a free trial of the Prime service with no obligation to subscribe to the 30-day subscription, which can be consulted at this link. For Prime Students, this trial is extended to 90 days. A more-than-great ploy to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day’Amazon Prime Day with no obligations.

In addition, to maximize savings and take advantage of all the offers, let’s recall some of Amazon’s top deals:

As a reminder, these offers are one-time and often non-cumulative.

Returning to Amazon Prime Day, the latter was first held on July 15, 2015 to celebrate the company&#8217s 20th anniversary. It has since become an anniversary on par with Black Friday. This is definitely one of the most anticipated moments, which is why you need to prepare as best you can, especially considering that it is an event with limited duration.

This’year it will occupy the following time window: from 00:00 hours on Oct. 13 to 23:00 hours.59 Oct. 14, a 48-hour duration as opposed to 36, perhaps a way to make up for this year&#8217s delay.

At the moment, on the official event page, you can also access early deals, divided and categorized by product type.