How to follow the Rio 2016 Olympics between Google and apps

They have officially kicked off the Rio 2016 Olympics and, between the opening ceremony and the first races, there were plenty of fans glued to the TV. But there are alternative solutions to follow all the happenings, and, of course, mobile technology offers us its help . Let&#8217s take a look together.

Rio 2016 Olympics, how to follow them on smartphones and tablets.

The first thought is undoubtedly directed toward Google. In fact, BigG has made available to users a system of real time update, as well as for European. At Google Now it is possible to find some tabs broken down by Overview, Sports, Calendar, Athletes e Medals that provide all the information – both summarized and updated in real time – about all the events we select.

But should the service offered by Google Now seem too limiting, without discouraging us, we can head to the video sharing platform Youtube which, to be precise, offers the service of livestreaming of major competitions.

Although the above services are respectable, it is the same Italian Olympic Federation to have created a’official app, the Rio 2016 Mobile App, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Very similar in level of graphics to Google Now, the app’s Rio 2016 is divided into four sections:

  • Schedule and Results, to stay up-to-date on the event schedule and follow race results in real time;
  • Sports, where we can select the discipline of our preference and find out the rules, results and more;
  • Race Sites, so you can virtually see the fields, grandstands and maps of all arenas;
  • Medalist, to be updated about all the competitions and see which country is following the race to the podium.

The Rio 2016 Olympics began on August 5, will follow until day 21 therefore it is possible to follow them on all our devices in the ways indicated above.