Edgemony: 55 scholarships for Coding

The profession of developer, in Italy, is the second most sought after and among the highest paid. Despite this, only 31.7 percent of women work in this field. In this regard, Edgemony provides 55 scholarships for the Coding Women Sicily . Such a Bootcamp has enabled 85 percent of female students to find employment from 2021 to date.

Edgemony: 55 scholarships for coding

With the goal of tightening the technology-related gender gap and to combat the female unemployment In Sicily, Edgemony has gathered 165 thousand euros in scholarships for Coding Women Sicily. This is an educational course lasting about 4 months, available remotely, combining practice and theory, with business simulations and real case studies. ” Coding Women Sicily is an opportunity for all of us and for all those resources that have been trapped in social prejudices and impediments, which today we are trying to break down. ” they stated Marco Imperato e Daniele Rotolo, founders of Edgemony.

Marco Imperato and Daniele Rotolo, founders of Edgemony

But how it works? Lecturers, tutors and mentors support students throughout the course. In addition, there is an opportunity to receive basic training on the topic with in-depth materials provided free of charge by Edgemony. The next edition of the bootcamp will start in early October , with theoretical and practical lessons, Monday through Friday.

You will learn the programming languages HTML, CSS e JavaScript to then get to deepen the library ReactJS . The morning is always dedicated to lectures and live coding with teachers, in the afternoon follow the tutorials practices with the support of tutors. The educational program ends with real simulations of business projects . At the middle and end of the course, students try their hand at, respectively, the Code Week and in the Final Project , before achieving the certificate of participation .

After four months of full-immersion, students are able to build web applications with a focus on the front-end part. At the end of the program, the Career Path , a series of meetings in which students will be supported in preparing resumes and job interviews. At the end of the pathway, there are organized career day hyper sponsor companies, which have the right of first refusal on students, and with partner companies.

How to get the grant

For those starting from scratch, Edgemony recommends a free mini preparatory course to access the selection process. To start it, you will need to fill out a form and take an online test in which you will have to answer a few logic questions. And, if in possession of even some technical basics, basic HTML and CSS.

The next step will be a video-conference interview to choose who will be awarded the scholarships provided by the sponsoring companies.