Android 12L will come to Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft devices

Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft Will be among the first device manufacturers to support Android 12L (it has already arrived on Pixel devices), the new Android variant designed to be best optimized for tablets and foldable devices.

The vice president of Google&#8217s Android engineering division, Andrei Popescu, announced the news in a blog post, saying that 12L will arrive on the three companies&#8217 devices by the end of the year.

Lenovo is no surprise, since its P12 Pro tablet can already run a beta version of Android 12L. It is unclear exactly which devices from the other two companies will receive the’upgrade: presumably Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 is the ideal candidate, while any number of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets or Z Fold phones could potentially benefit from the new software.

Android 12L has several features designed to make the best use of larger screens. There’s a new notification shade that separates quick panes and notifications into separate columns, a two-column layout for settings, and an app bar that allows you to select apps to run concurrently on tablets or dual screen foldables.