1Mobile closes all its offers and launches two new promos

!Mobile, Vodafone’s virtual operator, known mainly for a large number of tariffs that can be activated for every need, has decided to give a “clean up” to its list by closing all the offers present until then to give space to two new promos called Special XPlus and Power XPlus.

Special XPlus has uh cost of 8.99 euros per month and provides each month a bundle with unlimited minutes to all domestic landlines and mobile numbers, 50 SMS towards all and 60 Giga in 4G with special rates to foreign countries. Starting from the third month, data traffic increases by 15 gigs per month for a total of 75 Giga, at no extra charge.

Power XPlus costs €6.99 per month and includes unlimited minutes to all national landlines and mobile numbers, 40 SMS to all national numbers and 30 Giga per month. Starting in the third month, another 10 Giga per month is added to the bundle for a total of 40 Giga offered at the same price. The activation cost is 8 euros.

For both offers, the first top-up required to complete the activation must be 10 euros, plus another 10 euros for the purchase of the SIM card. Overall, the initial cost to be incurred will include the SIM cost of 10 euros, the activation cost and the top-up cost to cover the first month in advance.