How it’s made and how much it costs Phone (1)

The first smartphone from Nothing has finally arrived. Phone (1) is the first step of the company founded by Carl Pei for a future connected and open ecosystem and features the innovative Glyph’interface. As well as a dual 50 mpx camera, a proprietary Nothing OS, a 120 Hz OLED display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset+.

With a waitlisted of more than 200.000 preorders and offers above $3.000 for the first 100 units in the series, The Phone (1) is one of the most anticipated tech products in recent years. Its final price is still very affordable.

Nothing Phone's first smartphone (1)

Nothing’s Phone (1) smartphone features a Glyph interface that represents a new way to communicate. And it helps minimize time spent on the screen. A unique light pattern consisting of 900 LEDs shows who is calling and indicates app notifications, charging status and more.

And you can associate individual contacts with a ringtone, each with a unique Glyph pattern. Finally, the feature Flip to Glyph activates silent and light-only notifications by placing the Phone (1) with the’interface facing upward.

The device also features a transparent back with a unique design composed of more than 400 components. The 100% recycled aluminum chassis makes it lightweight and sturdy. While more than 50 percent of the phone's plastic components are made from organic or post-consumer recycled materials.

Two-sided Gorilla Glass 5 ensures robustness, while advanced vibration motors make touch responses highly sensitive. Symmetrical bezels and aluminum frame add elegance, lightness and durability.

The Nothing OS operating system

Nothing OS offers the best of Android: just pure speed and a smooth’user experience. Hardware and software speak a single visual language, with custom widgets, fonts, sounds and wallpapers, all designed in-house.

The Nothing Ecosystem is the home of all technology devices. You can thus control third-party products from Phone (1)'s quick settings as easily as from Nothing, starting with Tesla. Unlocking doors, turning on air conditioning, seeing mileage and more.

Integrations with other brands will be announced soon.

Plus power is delivered where it is most needed thanks to intelligent software that learns which apps are preferred. The most-used apps load quickly, while others are frozen to save battery life. Nothing's smartphone also has a system that keeps track of the number of NFTs owned with its instant listing.

Camera, display and battery

The compartment has been simplified to the max. Phone (1)'s dual cameras feature two advanced 50 mpx sensors, with the main camera powered by the Sony IMX766. Wide aperture ƒ/1.8, dual image stabilization and 10-bit color video offer everything you need to shoot stable, faithful content with brilliant detail. Smart features such as "Night Mode" e "Scene Detection" customize settings.

And setting the’Glyph interface to maximum brightness you can illuminate close subjects with gentle light.

The display succeeds to reproduce 1 billion colors thanks to the 6.55″ OLED and HDR10+. Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate ensures irresistibly responsive interactions with great power efficiency. Underlying the amazing speed of Nothing’s smartphone Phone (1) is the 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset+, Tailor-made to include both wireless and reverse charging.

For gamers there’s Game Mode that precisely matches sound to graphics and minimizes notifications.

Finally Charging: are guaranteed 18 hours of use and two days of standby time. The Battery reaches 50 percent in just 30 minutes and to limenta products such as Nothing Ear (1) with 5W reverse charging. Glyph charging coil lights up to indicate that reverse charging is in progress.

Availability and pricing

Phone (1) is available in the colors white and black with three different models to choose from: