How the over-the-air antenna works for the new digital terrestrial system

You are concerned for the upcoming transition to next-generation digital terrestrial broadcasting? Or don’t really know that From Sept. 1, it will switch to the Dvb-T2 system? If you don”t want to change your TV set, know that there is an easy solution to continue watching channels.

That is, an’antenna over the air.

How does the over-the-air antenna’work

As is the case with traditional ones, depending on the reception capacity, one can choose either an internal, or external, over-the-air antenna’s. Obviously the latter is more powerful and therefore allows for better reception of channels and more frequencies. It should, however, be installed by a technical specialist.

L’indoor antenna Instead, it is much smaller and has a very affordable price. Better of course to put it near a window, but still on the package is also specified how many channels it gets. Above all whether it also supports HD and radios that broadcast digitally with the DAB signal. It simply connects to the TV or set-top box.

And the only problem is the’possible presence of a cell tower nearby that interferes with the signal.

Dvb-T2 reception and compatibility

However, the advice is to search the market for antennas that have a signal amplifier. The range to be controlled is between 20 dB and 30 dB. Then of course you need to be sure of the antenna’s compatibility with the new standard for digital terrestrial television

In this case, what matters is that the packaging be labeled Dvb-T2. Which is precisely the new standard in digital terrestrial television.

The transition to the new

As a reminder, the transition to the new digital, Due to the divestment of some frequencies for the 5G signal, it will take place in two stages. Sept. 1 we will turn off the frequencies that allow transmission of the Hd signal. On June 30, 2022, the current digital terrestrial signal will be turned off for good.

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of changing your TV set, here is a recommendation for a unit already ready for the new Dvb-T2