Google shows the Nexus 8 on the Google I/O event page event page?

Who in these hours has logged on to the official page of the event’which is being held Google I/O will have noticed a very peculiar initial image, as Google shows off the Nexus 8, or at any rate a tablet definitely different from the 2013 Nexus 7 and still unknown.

There has long been talk of this mysterious Nexus 8, new Google tablet equipped with 8-inch display.9 inches and made by HTC, of which, however, not much news has been leaked, except for a possible launch starting in Q3 2014 and a possible unveiling right during the’annual event Google I/O dedicated to developers.

In the past Google used the event to unveil new devices and this image showing this mystery tablet, may very well prelude the possible unveiling of the Nexus 8, which then could be equipped with a front-facing speaker, a long-standing feature typical of the top-of-the-line HTC, which would then be confirmed as a manufacturer, and a definitely thick frame, that would indicate not-so-small dimensions for the device.

Of course, this is speculation, and given the resemblance of the mysterious tablet to the current Nexus 10, it could also be a specially modified image of Google’s current 10-inch tablet and not a new device, so at this point we just have to wait for further rumors or the arrival of official information from Google, which will most likely wait, however, for the Google I/O, which we recall will be held next June 25-26, to learn all the details about the new Nexus 8.