Apple ready to buy NextVR, $100 million investment?

The propensity of Apple in’investing in the development of new technologies related to the world of VR e AR is a bit of the proverbial open secret.

A statement of intent, not too veiled, has come from the market release of the recent iPad Pro 2020, With a LiDAR scanner on board.

The Cupertino-based company would now be gearing up for a big investment, and according to 9to5Mac it would involve the’purchase of NextVR, a company that specializes mainly in creating events completely in VR and AR.

This is a group with its hands in this technology for at least a decade, yet already as of 2019 the company has struggled to obtain new financing, leading to staff reductions and thus a devaluation in the market as well, making it attractive to potential buyers interested in their technology.

Apple would be precisely among the potential buyers, and there is talk of a gigantic investment worth as much as $100 million.

The acquisition is expected to result in the absorption of NextVR&#8217s entire research and development division.

Among the technologies produced by the company to support virtual reality, one in particular allows us to optimize video streams during events streamed in high quality on the various VR viewers supported by NextVR.