MIX surpasses record threshold of 10Tbs of capacity

MIX-Milan Internet Exchange, main Italian Network interchange point and among the first in Europe in terms of Internet traffic carried – communicates Exceeding the threshold of 10 Tbs of capacity turned on at its PoPs. This achievement, representing +100% growth over the past 24 months and the previous 20 years, is the result of a number of positive synergies that have involved Italy’s leading Internet Exchange and 360 connected operators. In fact, MIX collaborates with TLC companies operating in Italy to achieve the common goal of fostering the development of the Internet in the country.

Offering connectivity services and content of increasing quality, to an increasing number of users and cost-effective.

MIX, the Internet Exchange surpasses 10 Tbs of internet traffic capacity

The increase in available capacity at its infrastructure is MIX’s response to a series of phenomena that have become more apparent in recent years with the pandemic. And which now look set to remain. Producing, as a main effect, An increase in the traffic of data exchanged on the Net, sometimes quickly and suddenly. “In recent weeks we are seeing a consistent increase in the average traffic exchanged per single operator – Cristiano Zanforlin, chief commercial officer of MIX, explains -. This is due both to the ever-increasing number of connected ASs and, more importantly, to the policy of overestimating connected capacity implemented by MIX for some years now.

The goal is to guarantee the absorption of unexpected traffic volumes and up to 10 times the contracted traffic thresholds“.

For Mauro Magrassi, MIX Chief Technical Officer, “ihe growth trend in recent years is due, in addition to the other longer-term phenomena underway (FTTx deployment, DAD and home working), to the advent of live streaming of sporting events. Resulting in peak variations within minutes that also reach values of several hundred Gbps of traffic. This has prompted operators to increase the available bandwidth.

Accomplice to MIX’s determination to offer its peering services at increasingly competitive rates. And MIX now doesn’t stop, in fact it relaunches. By focusing its efforts in two directions.

On the one hand, encouraging high-capacity connections by offering operators an increasingly low fee per Mbps. On the other hand, develop expansion projects to facilitate traffic flows between CDNs that distribute content to access operators’ aggregation hot-spots. In Milan but not only”.

What MIX’is

MIX-Milan Internet Exchange, located on the Caldera campus in Milan, Is the main interchange point (IXP) of Italian Internet networks and among the first in Europe in terms of traffic carried. With daily traffic peaks of more than 1.7 Tbps. It is one of the few European IXs with its own datacenters where offers interconnection services to more than 350 Italian and foreign companies with their own independent network (AS). Ensuring high-quality service, scalability and robustness.

MIX is the first Italian IXP to pass the stringent controls required by the ISO27001:2013 standard certification. Covering all aspects of plant security and IT processes. It has also achieved Open-IX’s OIX-1 certification (issued to 14 IXPs worldwide). Confirmation of the level of excellence in terms of security and reliability of services. And he is also among the founding members of Open Hub Med.

The first neutral hub in Italy for the interconnection of networks from the Mediterranean basin to Northern Europe.