Rabona: new Feder Edition offer available

The tariff has a monthly cost of 4.99 euros per month and offers 15 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS. This can be subscribed at all authorized resellers by the’virtual operator “sports”.

This is a promotion that was actually created to replace the previous Rabona Christmas Feder, i.e., the variant proposed for the Christmas period, which included 1,500 minutes, 150 SMS and 15 Giga, again at a monthly cost of €4.99.

The Feder Edition offer has a total activation cost of 30 euro, which include the’purchase of the SIM worth 25 euros, and a first top-up of 5 euros to make the first monthly renewal of the offer’s.

At the moment the operator has not announced an expiration date, the offer will remain available until further notice.

This offer is also complemented by those already available:

World Cup

The tariff has a monthly cost of 14.99 euros per month, and includes a bundle with unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 100 Giga of 4G internet traffic on the Vodafone network, with speeds of 60 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload.

The offer can be activated only by those who make portability from other telephone operators, except for Vodafone customers. Charging for calls is on actual seconds of conversation, while for data traffic on actual kb of surfing.

The total cost for the’purchase of the tariff of Rabona Mobile is equal to 34.99 euros, or 19.99 euros required for the purchase of the SIM, and 15 euros to be paid for the renewal of the first monthly fee. Users will receive as a bonus 25 euros of credit, which cannot be used for the renewal of the offer, but only for consumption traffic, valid for the duration of 12 months after disbursement.


L’offer provides 800 minutes to everyone and 8 Giga of 4G web surfing every month. The tariff option has a monthly duration with automatic renewal subject to remaining available credit needed for renewal. RABONA “ASSIST” can be used throughout the European Union’at no additional cost at the same national economic conditions.

The promo has a monthly cost of 4.99 euros and includes an activation fee of 5 euros.

World Attack

The offer includes a bundle with 71 Giga of data traffic on the network 4G Vodafone (with speeds up to 60 Mbps download and 30 upload), unlimited minutes and SMS. All this is offered on promotion at a monthly cost of €7.99 per month, instead of €9.99.

We also remind you that the activation of a new Rabona Mobile SIM It also offers as a bonus 25 Euro of phone traffic usable as pay-as-you-go pricing within 12 months.