PlayStation Classics titles “will run well” on PS4 and PS5

As we reported to you in our previous article, a new version of PlayStation Plus will come into effect starting in June, merging with the’current PlayStation Now to create a single service divided into multiple subscription plans.

One of the highlights will be the arrival in the catalog of more than 400 titles for PS4 and PS5 from the PS One, PS2, PSP, and PS3 era (the latter streaming only).

Premium level seems to be designed for those who like compatibility with previous versions. But these classic titles will benefit from some improvements?

Famitsu posed this question to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, asking if there would be additional features over the original versions. In particular, there are those who wonder if we will see titles with a higher frame rate.

And from this point of view Ryan replied that more details will be revealed soon, but he added:

“I’ve heard from people who have played it that it looks great on PlayStation 4 and 5. But it will depend on the individual titles”.

Another problem that arises is that, improvements or not, it is not currently possible to buy these old titles separately and simply play them on PS5. The’initiative seems very similar to the one proposed by Nintendo Switch Online, which allows you to play retro titles on Switch only if you are a subscriber to the service (excluding Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles linked to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack).