Netflix buys Night School Studio, more investment in gaming

Continued investment of Netflix in the world of video games, and this time the company is serious about acquiring its first development studio: Night School Studio, authors of the well-known Oxenfree, an adventure title released in 2016 and for which a sequel is currently in the works.

This is Netflix&#8217s first acquisition in the gaming market, as well as a clear statement of intent that anticipates the arrival of original productions destined for its subscription service.

Co-founder Sean Krankel spoke about this deal reached with Netflix, highlighting the work done by the streaming giant in the streaming market:

Our explorations into narrative gameplay and Netflix’s track record of supporting diverse storytellers were such a natural pairing. It seemed that both teams came to this conclusion instinctively.

Netflix&#8217s philosophy follows what other industry giants have already done, as recently done by Microsoft, which decided to go ahead and acquire a studio to avoid the long and tortuous process in putting together a new reality from scratch.

Netflix’s gaming offerings for the time being will complement its current subscriptions, and no additional costs are expected. For the time being it will start with smaller productions for the mobile market, mostly related to Netflix franchises, but obviously in the future the quality and quantity of productions could increase.