“How’the wind is made” technology and music at the Benzi school in Bresso

Technology and schools. There has been a lot of talk about it these days. But in this case I am proudly a party to it, as a video from the Benzi Institute in Bresso has gone (really) viral on YouTube. It is a prepared musical composition by professor Emanuele Ammendola, musician and indeed teacher. To the music of “How’is the wind made”, middle schoolers shot clips that were then put together for the final product.

Here he is, there&#8217s also a Lombard (Alessandro). Try to recognize it.

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Technology and music at Benzi School

“How’the wind is made”.

It goes without saying that school in attendance is basic to our children&#8217s education. But what has happened in the last few months shows that a’technological evolution in the world of education is now no longer postponable. Instead of talking about “buccal rhymes” in the ministerial provisions, it is time instead to invest energy and money on what is needed to educate kids in a more modern context.

Professor Ammendola’s educational project is an example of this. And not surprisingly, the video ended up in the online edition of Repubblica as well as in a report on Tg3 Lombardia. As an extraordinary example of something hopefully becoming ordinary.

School in the future

As you have been seeing for some time, on Plots&Tech is active in a subscription that would like to bring funds to a school to help the digitization process. And that is the point of our initiative and the Benzi school deserves to be the recipient of what we will collect. An idea, ours, that finds impetus in the words of the interview published in Repubblica with Prof Ammendola, who composed music and words for the song.

“The children all joined in enthusiastically, the first ones playing keyboards and the second and third ones using pots, bowls and ladles to search for the most suitable sounds. Classes are over, yet they still come to school virtually every day, because we hear each other and comment on the results of the YouTube video. For me it is a great little victory to see them so involved.”.

A victory that must’be the first in a new path.