Absurd price drop with switch to Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Three offers on Oct. 8

Switch to Tim

We have arrived at the’Oct. 8 and we certainly can’t spare you our weekly recap on the best offers switch to Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Three. All the more so when we consider that in the week that is coming to an end some of these operators have launched some really crazy plans.

A GB sell-off further Compared to an already interesting summer trend. If we add to this the fact that some operators like Vodafone are also lowering activation costs with their more attractive promotions, then the picture is complete.

With 15 euros I’m raining GB thanks to October’s switch to Tim

As always, space in the first place to the offers switch to Tim. What for a thousand reasons remains the most popular operator in Italy, this week decided to extend some extremely attractive promotions. Of these, the one that for value for money is undoubtedly the strongest is Tim Super One + 30 Gigs Free, with which we will get 32 GB total data connection and unlimited minutes for 15 euros every four weeks.

Portability is assured to those coming from Wind and Three.

Switching to Vodafone at almost no cost

Decidedly less aggressive offers switch to Vodafone, as has always been the case in this world. To get an’idea, even today, Oct. 8, the most attractive promotion remains the Special 10GB, With 1000 minutes and 10 GB for surfing for 10 euros every four weeks. While waiting for the cost of the plan to at least drop to 7 euros, as per the rumors that have reached us, it should be mentioned that the’offer has recently been proposed via SMS to more users.

In any case, to highlight the €5 discount for activation costs.

Switch to Wind Smart 7 Platinum, now worthwhile

Really out of this world new offer switches to Wind, reported by some users as of last Oct. 6 after receiving the’appropriate text message. We are talking about the Wind Smart 7 Platinum which provides 1000 minutes and 30 GB for 4G connection at the incredible price of 7 euros every four weeks. Deadline set by next Oct. 16, while there is currently no firm news on any restrictions on its portability.

The answer with the switch to Tre Play GT7 Extra WebStore

Closing with offers switch to Three, with which we must necessarily mention the’arrival on the scene of the Play GT7 Extra WebStore. For €7 every four weeks, in fact, here too we will get 1000 minutes and 30 GB for surfing, with secure portability for those coming from Tim (try to request it by signing up in the users&#8217 area). The last two promotions represent the best the mobile world can offer us at the moment.

And what do you think of the best deals switch to Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Three updated Oct. 8?